Patagonian Adventure

Tucked away in the rugged mountains around the lodge, a number of little lakes and lagunas offer stunning fishing for intrepid anglers. Some are easily accessible, while others require hard work to get to. If the thought of a tough hike or horseback ride into the wilderness doesn’t put you off, you will have the chance to fish in some remote and rarely fished waters. These are real Patagonian adventures, with breathtaking scenery and great fishing. The lakes often hold very large and aggressive trout.

Fish feed both on the surface and in the depths – how we fish on any given day is largely dependent on the current weather conditions. Large browns tend to stay deeper in their search for pancoras, and/or roam the lakeshore reed beds for dragonfly and damsel nymphs. However, fishing large dry flies like Gypsy Kings often provoke incredible surface takes. If the winds are down you can often see large rainbows "porpoising" on the surface while hunting for bait fish. It is not easy to approach them, but if you are able to deliver an accurate cast, you will have likely the best day of trout fishing of your life. If you hook a fish in those lakes, be prepared; they are bull-strong and will test your reel’s drag to the limit.

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